Sunday, August 16, 2015

Looking Glass

Something about peering into the Looking Glass again makes my heart full and my head swirl. Many years ago I knew a girl who explored the unexpected and dreamed of the unimaginable. Where has that creative spirit gone? The laughter that wholeheartedly engulfs your body because life is whimsical and carefree? Dreaming in vivid color has turned to watercolor pale. Days become months become years is the true cliche that can sour and age a soul. Music and art, scavenger hunts that take hours and endless dancing and games gave way to solemn candy and word games. While one can never look back to the road not taken, can one entwine the travel to new horizons with a small napsack from the previous trail? Good friends of the heart never fully leave. They simply join the list of family you only exchange holiday cards with and wish them well. Reunions remind us of how we have aged and what other pieces inside us remain timeless.

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