Saturday, May 17, 2008

Heat Coma

Is there any reason in the world you would choose to take a nap in a snuggly robe on a May afternoon in Phoenix? Add then that your daughter comes in, climbs beside you (she's 4 almost 5) and pulls up the covers? Ok yes... we are civilized Phoenicians with that new fangled thing called air-conditioning but man! I had to actually work to make myself wake up. I even had a dream that I was asleep and couldn't wake up - how wrong is that??

I admit - my first mistake - was slowing down enough to actually want a nap. I'm exhausted from a traveling week and a migraine yesterday and twin preschool graduation. I'm exhausted from what is to come this next week (starting tomorrow) including my mom's birthday, the twin's 5th birthday, a major event for work we are hosting at the zoo (Hoo!), and the much anticipated and celebrated last day of school (double Hoo!). Maybe my body imagined next week and simply thought uh uh - no reason to open those eyes - you will just get stressed out. Now that I write it all down, it does frighten me. Oh well - face 'em head on.

Summer is upon us. Summer in Phoenix is like winter everywhere else. Kids do things in the early hours when it is cool - and until June-July when eggs start to fry on the sidewalk - actually play outside in the early evenings. It still "cools" off. But then - does 100 feel cool? Most certainly yes when the temperature climbs to 115, 120. UGH. But - yes - I am over dramatizing. It is only May and we aren't there yet thank God!

Heat coma? Hard to have an exit plan from that one. Does it mean I am masking depression? Does it mean I would rather live under the covers in my soft sleep number bed forever and avoid the realities of the rest of the world outside, on the other side of the covers? Maybe :) But I know better things await me too. My 10 year old was quite enthusiastic to have me Google and Wikipedia "Heat Coma" to see if such a thing really exists outside my own crazy imagination.

Here's what we found: Wikipedia - NOTHING. No one ever thought to write about such a thing. Google - an abstract - regarding snails that got too warm in the ocean in Scottland. Go figure. Nothing in the scientific community about exhausted working moms of 4 kids bundled up too snuggly on a Saturday afternoon in an upstairs bedroom in Phoenix. I guess I personally will have to take up this torch. My 10 year old eagerly awaits. He and I will do this research together. Hmmmm does this mean more sleep? Sleep.... gooood (caveman voice please).


bigd Flanagan said...

Sleep is so very good. They say you can never make up the sleep you have lost. They being the sleep experts.

Once in awhile it doesn't hurt to try even the account. It's an attempt to rejuvenate what has been so run down.

I never begrudge you any sleep Kimala. Take deep sighs along with our daughter and harken back to a time when your two sleep patterns meshed perfectly.

With our girl almost being five, the slow process of disengagement has begun. She will become more independent and search for her own path. As she should. Treasure and cherish the time when her ultimate Saturday experience is to luxuriate in a deep sleep next to her Momma. I know I enjoy the image:)

Bliss said...

Ha! I crawled in next to my parents during cold winters until I moved out a few years ago. LOL!

:) Rest assured, no bed is ever as snuggly as your parents.

Kimala said...

awwww :) so you are telling me they are going to sleep with me until they are in their 20's??? good lord

*runs away screaming*