Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rockin' Out with Mom

How else would you expect the hippest 4 kids to celebrate mother's day? When the oldest 2 were singing Beatles and Beach Boys and Red Hot Chili Peppers and Johnny Cash when other kids were singing Barney and Sesame Street? The youngest 2 were raised on Gin Blossoms and Stone Temple Pilots and Nirvana. Requests for the car stereo range from U2 Vertigo and Green Day Wake Me Up When September Ends. Santana and Rob Thomas Smooth is a favorite. Car fighting ends when the favorites fill the air and flow out the car windows. Not bad for a packed Toyota Highlander with no room for any extra baggage or passengers. We are a force to be reckoned with speeding down the freeway.

But today, this morning, we didn't barrel down any freeway. Instead the plan was for a "quieter" mother's day celebration... a yummy big breakfast, fantastic cards (store bought and homemade), a couple of CDs, and the In-World Travel Guide to Second Life :) Does my family know me or what? Roses and chocolate cake for later. We'll grill seafood tonight. They've gone all out because we just couldn't swing it a couple weeks ago for my birthday. I'm really appreciative. I love them all no matter... if there are presents or celebrations or not. But I won't lie... it is nice to have a day like this. It's nice to have people remember the things you love and spend the extra money even if we shouldn't. And, I'm really proud of them - they have good senses of humor and are actually a pretty fun crazy crowd to hang with. Noisy as all get out - but fun. Our poor neighbors. :)

What kind of festivities you ask? My crew NEVER opts for a quiet celebration. I don't think it ever even crosses their minds. Instead, we've spent the morning warming up the PS2 with SingStar. (My dad will be here helping out next week when I travel for work - so they have to find the favorites - and he'll be belting it out with them - I just know it. How many grandpas enjoy Tom Petty? Just sayin... But... I digress.) Singstar... it is like Karaoke on steroids. When you have kids, and you launch into something like this, the crazier your performance the better. Would you be surprised and/or would I fully embarrass myself to share that I kicked ass at Madonna's Material Girl? I suppose when you are a "Super Star" you don't hide from fame (wink).

PS2 SingStar

Yes, we have SingStar Amped. They had gotten me Big 80's for Christmas (Like you are surprised at that). We've already been online planning our next purchase. A few of us have achieved "Super Star" status. Little ones who don't even know the words are still "Amatures" but that isn't a bad thing. Dare I even venture down the teacher path long enough to share how it is teaching reading? But, points are scored on pitch and consistency. All of this is done, btw, to the music video version on the screen. Were we a little noisy for a Sunday morning? Probably. Will the neighbors just have to get over it? Most definitely :)

MY Fab4
I thought it was important
to include an outdoor shot
so you would be reassured
we aren't ALWAYS shut-ins
with our high tech toys :)

Bottom Line: Family is important. Make sure you say thank you today to someone in your family - even if it is just through a phone call and saying hello. If you don't have family but you have friends that are close like family, celebrate some time with them. Life is too short to not love and appreciate those closest to us. They are the ones who are with us through the good and the bad. It's important to value them and love them. If you need an excuse - use Mother's Day as one. (Even if you don't have a mother around you want to thank.)

My lead partner in crime deserves a thank you. I'm glad to be on the roller coaster of motherhood with him as co-pilot. He does a mean load of laundry and is dedicated to middle of the night asthma treatments for our youngest when I am long gone for this world. Thanks for pulling out all the stops today D :) Hoo!


bigd Flanagan said...

Awww ty for the kind words. If the neighbors don't like it: tough shit. Hey, we provide cheap entertainment during the recession. It is a pleasure to honor and show appreciation to you not only on this day, but every day. How fortunate we truly are to have you as wife/Mom/cheerleader/confessor/snuggler/partner in crime and so many other roles space does not allow their inclusion.

I wouldn't have children with any other woman on this entire planet throughout the time/space continuum. Hows that for commitment!! Love you with my heart and soul....

Bradley said...

Bad news for you mom, there's a good chance when the kids get older they'll think that Tom Petty, Gin Blossoms, Stone Temple Pilots and Nirvana are all songs old fogies listen to.

I couldn't believe it when my niece said this about 80's music last week. I nearly fainted.

Happy Mothers Day!

Parker said...

You have an absolutely beautiful family. Congratulations and enjoy!!

Joonie Jatho said...

Happy Mother's Day, Kimala! Sounds like you had a fun-filled day! Hooo!

*hugs* Joonie

And ditto what bradley said about the music. Kids just don't know a thing, do they. ;)

Kimala said...

LOL ty you guys :) Yeah... I know... the ol' days are just around the corner. I saw that loud and clear when we watched "Music and Lyrics" the other night and 1987 was the class reunion they were making fun of and "pop" style music. sigh... :)

Bliss said...

I want a shoulder ride too!

Adopt me! Adopt me!

Kimala said...

just wait bliss until i post the picture of rach and her cupcake i found the other day :) i'll do that when i get back.