Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I want something else...

to get me through this...kinda life...

...wish we could get back there... from the place we used to start...

Ok... this tune is from 1997... does that make it old? 11 years? hmmmm it totally fits... the music picks you up... the lyrics remind you to search for something beyond... of course I pick and choose the portions of lyrics I want to remember since pieces totally don't apply. but hey... when you don't write your own tunes.. it is hard to be too picky, right?

I think the reason why my head is in this space these days is I'm grappling with the fact that once you choose a road in life - no matter how bumpy and hard and uphill it is... you have to just keep going... you can't turn around necessarily and there aren't always exits handy. Keep on, keeping on.

When you are one of the drivers on the car going up that hard road, you have to keep a poker face, and an attitude of it will be ok. Kids smell fear, they sense disappointment; they yearn for comfort, routine, structure, positive reinforcement and unconditional love. In a world that requires us to keep driving on that road, no matter how bumpy it is, at a faster and faster speed, on less and less support, sometimes it is hard to find the right route and the right reasons to make pit stops. Kids don't seem to come with users' manuals and parenting must rely so much on faith and intuition.

So... will our littlest keep his glasses on his face or in his backpack so we don't have to buy another pair? Will he work toward being good with the reward system we've put into place? Will our middle son continue on his path of becoming less stressed about school so that the anxiety attacks subside? Will our oldest focus to get all he needs to get done and continue his path of success in school despite the ADHD and learning disabilities challenges? And will our sweet baby girl not get lost in the shuffle?

I love second life but right now my real life has me on overload. Thank you in advance for understanding if I just zip in and out. It's Tuesday... so that's a good thing, right? Tomorrow is hump day... then we are on the downhill of the week. Keep on keeping on... in this semi-charmed kinda life.

So... on that note... I will step back from that ledge...


Bliss said...

/me jumps on you and hugs you.

No worry Keeeeemala. :)

We love you preciousssss..

Tricksy world it is..topsy turvy.

:) we're here..

Jump off the ledge..everyone needs to.

We'll be at the bottom with a trampoline. So you'll never hit the ground.


bigd Flanagan said...

Sometimes it does seem that the car might be a cartoon car and have all 4 wheels shoot off at the same time. Sometimes it feels like all the rushing and hurrying is pointless because you find out the car you are driving is just traveling in one big circle. Things in life are like cars I guess, you take them for granted until they break down and then they become the focus of your attention. I don't really have anything funny or ironic to say about that.

As far as jumping off the ledge goes. Whats at the bottom? water, Earth, trampoline, or another ledge? Hopefully Bliss has a big trampoline with a detailed jump schedule.

Joonie Jatho said...

Just breathe. Take deep, long breaths...if you can find the time! ;-)


Bliss said...

:) it's a 24/7 trampoline that I carry..heavy duty stuff.

Everyone jump.

I'll be there to catch you all.

Kimala said...

Bliss will you have cupcakes there too? mmmmm :)